The Power of Prayer

My kids attended a small Christian school for their elemenary and middle school years. There was a group of Moms who got together once a month to pray for the kids, the school and the requests that came in. I was invited to come and went just to observe. I did not know how to pray let alone pray outloud or pray for someone else. Well by the time my kids graduated, I had learned to pray and had learned to even lead the group. We prayed for all the kids requests…everything from a sick gerbil to sick and fighting parents. We will never know how much the kids appreciated knowing someone was praying for them. I appreciated all the prayers for safety as we went on the class trip to Washington DC. It gave me peace. Then because I had such a good experience with the prayer group there, I searched out a high school Moms In Prayer group. There are a group of us Moms who still get together to share the bonds of freindship formed while lifting our children up in prayer! Prayer has made an impact on my life and brought me lifelong friends as well.

What’s your story?


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