On The Farm by Joan and Dave Elder

When we moved to a farm our five children were pretty young. We tried several things to make ends meet. One of our first endeavors to make extra money was to raise cucumbers .We planted an acre of them. They had to be picked every other day.

Steve, Cindy and Michael helped pick and sometimes the boys on the neighboring farm. Tony & Elaine were too young to help much. Dave worked second shift on his job in town. One morning I had to wake him up and tell him the extra help wasn’t coming so he would have to get up. He pulled me back to bed and told me not to worry. When he got up he took the tractor and plowed half of those cucumbers up. Then we put an ad in the paper (pick your own cucumbers.) We sat under a tree with the kids playing and relaxed.

We raised tobacco on our farm to make the mortgage payment. All the kids helped work with never a complaint. Also we milked 40 cows and that was an everyday chore. When our oldest son Steve graduated high school someone asked him what he was going to do now. He was quick to answer that he was not going to be a farmer!! As a result our children learned about hard work and went on to all have successful careers. We are very proud of all of them.

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