Secret Sister Sleepover

My sisters and I decided to surprise my Mom by showing up unexpectedly for a weekend visit. We excitedly emailed back and forth across the country planning the details under the code SSS for Secret Sister Sleepover! My mother and sister Joan had recently joined a Red Hat group where they lived. So my sister Deanna thought it would be fun to show up in Red Hat gear. Since my sister Barbie and I were under 50 we wore lilac with a pink hat. The sisters over 50 wore purple with a Red Hat. I was flying in from Florida to Kentucky so I bought the Red Hat books to bring to my Mom and ended up reading the first one on the plane. It was very funny and set the tone for the whole weekend. What a great surprise! My Mom loved having all five daughters in one place for the weekend! The first night we were all together telling stories and just laughing like kids at a pajama party. The next day my jaw hurt from so much laughing! Our mother is 96 now but still loves that we all took the time out of our busy lives to come home and just have fun! Great memories, great laughs, great sisters! Thanks Mom! P.S. our brothers were jealous!

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  1. Gail Fritsche

    How blessed you all are to be able to get together and celebrate with your loving family! The picture of the RED HAT LADIES is fabulous…not to mention COLORFUL.

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