That’s What You Get

 This website was created because of a story I told my sister.  When I was a little girl I was playing outside with my niece Pam.  We had the bright idea of making a tire swing.  So we tied a small shovel to the end of a rope and proceeded to throw the rope over the branch of a tree in the backyard.  Well Pam threw the shovel and guess who tried to catch it?  Yes, that was me with blood dripping down my face.  I ran into the house crying.  Mom, with absolutely no-show of emotion promptly got a towel and put it to my bleeding head.  Then she asked the question “What were you doing?”  So I gave her the whole story.  Of course it was all Pam’s fault!  Mom gave me a little hug, put a band-aid on the cut and said these words which I never forgot.  “Well honey, that’s what you get.”

So next time you do something stupid, think of my mom and her words of wisdom.  “That’s What You Get!”

Tell your story here!


  1. Deborah Bacarella

    I am so excited to see all the stories that will be shared here for publication in our collection of Mothers wisdom!

  2. Barbie, Can you tell us how to post?

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